Biliary Microlithiasis

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Biliary Microlithiasis - Treatment

[ Speculation based on our limited findings require more investigation ]

None of the patients with pancreatitis were treated with URSO but we believe URSO will be used to prevent recurrent pancreatitis and perhaps to prevent initial pancreatitis when foci are found fortuitously.  URSO will resolve elevated liver enzymes of unkown etiology. URSO might be effective if used prior to ERCP to prevent pancreatitis.

We believe a gallstone dissolving drug such as URSO will likely be used in some way to treat the “same pain” post cholecystectomy, to prevent recurrent pancreatitis, RUQ pain and elevated liver enzymes of unknown etiology.

For simplicity and precise clarification, intraluminal gallbladder echogenic foci with rapid rotation, should be called Heavy Gallbladder Densities (HGD).  This clarifies the difference between  biliary microlithiasis (ERCP aspirates) and intraluminal gallbladder microlithiasis (<2 mm, nonshadowing gallstones).